Nonlinear Full Waveform Inversion

At Delft Inversion we are convinced that non-linear full waveform inversion will fundamentally change the game of seismic reservoir imaging. Non-linear effects as multiple scattering and multiple mode conversions, transmission effects, and true travel times in the inverted subsurface model, are turned from noise into inportant information. While most people get concerned when hearing about non-linearity, because they associate it with local minima in the inversion process, at Delft Inversion we see a great opportunity for the E&P industry here. Properly utilising the non-linear relationship between seismic data and the elastic subsurface properties, results in increased resolution beyond seismic bandwidth, quantitative reservoir models, and more robustness against noise by bringing in the physics of wave propagation, rather than constraining the inversion results by pre-set ranges.