Delft Inversion is a service company offering leading edge inversion technologies to the E&P industry. The company was established in 2012 and is currently located in Delft, the Netherlands. The founders of Delft Inversion met as part of their membership in the Delphi research consortium. Here they were involved in the development of several seismic imaging methods, including nonlinear full waveform inversion.

Soon they realised that their target oriented full waveform inversion of reflected energy is fundamentally different from the FWI that is currently applied in the industry. Service companies as well as oil companies focus mainly on FWI as a tool for estimation of migration velocity models. While this is a valuable and interesting development, the founders of Delft Inversion had a different purpose for FWI in mind: obtaining high-resolution (3-5 m) quantitative property models of the subsurface by non-linear full waveform inversion.

Originally serving only the sponsors of the research consortium, the company is now offering its services and technologies to all E&P companies worldwide.