You are interested in the reservoir and you’d like elastic property models on a meter scale that allow quantitative interpretation? Then you found the right technology. FWI-res stands for full waveform inversion for reservoir characterisation. This innovative technology uses the true non-linear relationship between seismic data and the reservoir properties. Internal multiple scattering, transmission effects and mode conversions, considered as noise in linear inversion,become essential signal in our non-linear inversion. Consequently, the FWI-res technology delivers three elastic properties on a high-resolution grid, driven by the physics only, and avoiding any user-imposed constraints.

Highlights of FWI-res:

  • reservoir characterisation in terms of three elastic properties (vp, vs, rho)
  • broadband properties with resolution beyond seismic bandwidth (at high as well as low end of the spectrum)
  • purely driven by the nonlinear relationship between seismic data and properties
  • qualitative or quantitative results depending on objectives, data acquisition geometry and data quality
  • promotes blockiness of geology in the inversion result